How to jig your address?
Daniel Tarasov
Daniel Tarasov Published: 2023/10/04

Address jigging has become a popular and even essential technique for online resellers in recent years. If you are looking at ordering sneakers or other goods online, jigging along with bots and proxy solutions, can become a basic requirement for these tasks. In this article, we will discuss how to jig your address and use it for online shopping.

What is Targeted Jigging and Why Do You Need It?

Jigging of the address is a simple process that can be helpful in multiple situations. Basically, address jigging can be described as a process of creating a small change to an address in a way that makes it unique for online shops. This way, one address can be used to make several different purchases. 

In most cases, this technology is needed for people who use sneaker bots and aim at buying a lot of shoes from a limited run series. Brands sites have strict rules that can ban both bots and orders made with them. Jigging of address is essential to overcome these barriers and make enough orders without being banned. 

Sneaker bots and address jigger technique used to make purchases of limited series on sites of most popular brands like Nike, Adidas, Supreme etc. But these tools can be used for purchasing any product with limited run or restricted sales. This also makes jiggers, bots and private proxy solutions more and more popular and demanded instruments.

Types of Address Substitution

To successfully jig an address, you should use a number of different methods together. With the right combination of approaches, you can generate hundreds of addresses to all of your purchases. Here, we will discuss the main methods that can help you understand how to jig address. 

First, you can try to utilize name jigging for shopping in different stores. Some of the retailers don’t use names that you are giving at further operations, so sometimes try to enter any name you want. This option will work only if the seller won’t use this name for shipping.

Another approach lies in processing jigs for the phone number. To perform this method, you should have a set of numbers that you can use for a new order. Remember, that you need to use numbers with the code area of your location. Alternatively, you can use residential proxies and find a location that will match with all of your requirements for the order. 

Jigging of email can also be a useful approach, depending on the brand you are working with. Some of the sites are highly sensitive to email, so you might need to use a new mail every time you make a purchase. You can use special tools for this purpose, or just create new emails manually. 

The most hard and time-consuming part of address jigging usually lies in creating new shipping and billing addresses. Before starting any jiggle it is better to know what requirements sites that you are looking for have. Different shops can have very strict or vice versa light requirements. You can also use static residential proxies to overcome some of those requirements. 

First, try to add 3 or 4 letters in front of your actual address. This is a pretty straight method, but in some cases it is just enough to make your address unique. But again, this tactic can work perfectly with one brand and lead to ban with others. Also, this option won’t be suitable for any address. For example, US addresses can be changed that way, but with others you can face troubles. 

Alternatively, there is an option for using abbreviations in different parts of the address. Just try to make functional abbreviations of some words in your address and mix them to get something unique each time. For example, use Ave instead of Avenue or Byp instead of Bypass. This trick should make some of the new combinations for you. 

You can also use a residential number jig. If you live in a residential apartment, try to add the number of the flat or room to the address. You can even add the floor number to mix the address more. Extending and jigging a zip code is also a useful tactic. Extended zip codes in most cases have 8 digits instead of regular 4. You can try to add these 4 new digits to your regular zip code after dash. 

The last trick involves jigging of symbols and signs. For this, you need to add commas or spaces to certain places in your address. If you add enough of these symbols, the address will look unique enough for a new purchase. 

Jigging of addresses becomes effective only if you put enough time on working with it. You should learn all needed site requirements and tricks to start jigging address and not be banned after first attempts. Also, you can consider using datacenter proxies for your sneaker bot or other setup to maximize the potential of your software. 

Tools For Address Jigging

If you need lots of unique addresses in a short time, be ready to spend a lot of time jigging. Otherwise, you can try to use a special address jigging tool. Some of those instruments can be free, but others will be accessible only as a part of a big toolbox. Also, remember that some of the free tools can be used as fishing software to steal or fish out your data. 

However, even with all the advanced equipment, you need to double-check all the addresses that you use to eliminate the possibility of ban. Plus, even the most popular jigging address generator will need human attention to produce valid results. For example, you can look at the AYCD toolbox that has an AYCD Profile Builder. This instrument is built specifically for resellers and can make some of your work with addresses easier. Keep in mind that AYCD is not free software, so it is better to calculate everything in advance. Additionally, you can try to use datacenter rotating proxies for your sneaker bot activity. This way you can perform all the needed tasks without troubling about bans or malfunctions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our Documentation if you have questions that are not listed below.

  • What is address jigging?

    Address jigging stands for the process of changing your address to make it look unique in the eyes of online shops. This can be achieved with changing numbers, zip codes in other data in the address.

  • What proxies are the best to work with sneaker bots?

    You can use different types of proxies with sneaker bots. For example, with residential proxies, you can choose different locations to your liking.

  • How address jigging can be useful in sneaker copping?

    Address jigging can help you order a big number of the limited goods on one address. Regularly, most of your purchases will be banned, but address jigging can help to overcome this restriction.

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