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Daniel Tarasov Published: 2024/01/19 is a handy solution for a variety of modern online problems. The main browser function lets you operate it without requiring any installation or file access on your system. You don’t need to download, because this software will work with all of your already-installed browsers. This way, you’re able to access a virtual browser environment and open any link with no concern about getting exposed to viruses or malware. 

For example, if you have encountered a suspicious-looking link that you need to open anyway, can be a perfect solution. This way, you can open even onion-format links without risking catching a virus or exposing your data. All of the links in open in a separate virtual environment. 

More than this, all connections from your system to the servers are protected with 256-bit encryption. This means all of your data is securely transported and cannot be intercepted. 

All these benefits are usable not just for daily Internet use but additionally for a variety of professional tasks. You can, for example, access geo-restricted websites and content. In a similar manner, you’re able to visit websites that are restricted on the network at work or school.

Overall, anti-detect browser can improve your online security with anonymous and incognito browsing options. By hiding your traffic, you can protect your online activities from hackers, local Internet providers, and other security risks. It may also assist you in finding any needed information without leaving online fingerprints. More than this, lets you carry out any of these tasks with a pre-built ad-blocking solution. Ads are frequently utilized to monitor certain aspects of your internet activity, so this function also works for your digital safety.

Additionally, can be a good solution for testing devices for compatibility with different types of connections and system types. This can also be useful for testing actual website security holes and vulnerabilities.

Buying Private Proxies

To purchase and utilize proxies in, adhere to this simple guide. 

  1. Start by going to and setting up an account or using the one you already have. After choosing every proxy server setting you need, click the “Buy Proxies” button. On this step, you can select the needed country or other proxy parameters.
  2. The “My Proxies” tab will then be available to you when you log into your account. This is where you can find all the login information for your extra connections.

Setting Up Proxies in is a virtual-based browser, so you’re able to utilize your regular proxy setup for your system or current browser. In this guide, we will describe how to add proxies to the Windows 10–11 system.

  1. Open the Settings app and find the Network tab. There, you need to click on the proxy button. 
  2. Press the “Set up” button and add all the credentials needed for the connection. Then, you can press save and test your setup. 

Now you should be able to use in any of your installed browsers with a proxy setup.

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