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Daniel Tarasov
Daniel Tarasov Published: 2023/06/21

Proxy market is always ready to provide a big number of options to choose from. Competition is constantly gaining momentum and not many services remain noticed. 911 proxies offered some unique options that allowed them to take their niche. But this didn’t protect them from hacker attacks and shut down later on.

Everything You Need to Know About 911.re

911.re worked in a model that differs from most of the VPN or proxy providers. This service used to offer residential SOCKS5 proxies. These proxies could only be accessed through download of a desktop app for Windows.

Most people wouldn’t care about their proxy IP, as long as that IP is different from their real one. But, if you use a regular type of VPN or datacenter proxy, then all the IP addresses that you can use are well known. That allows sites and internet services to just get a list of those IPs and filter them. That way, site owners can limit some functions for you to use. For example, social media can block certain IPs or not let you make new posts or upvote anything. 

Social media sites or online stores are much less likely to block residential proxies, because these types of proxies provide you with IP that look exactly like regular users. Attempts to block residential proxies will lead to banning a lot of real one or vip user’s  IPs. So, residential proxies are often chosen as the best proxies for web scraping.

Residential proxies can also be good alternatives to VPN services. In the case of 911, VPN wasn’t an option, but you could buy a list of proxies and use them for a long time without a need to remember the subscription and with unlimited access. 911 proxies also provide the ability to control the black list of sites, port forward web requests and other things that are not commonly offered by other companies.

Why Did 911.re Close

The 911 proxy service has been permanently shut down as of July 28th 2022. According to the owners of the site, for several years before it shut down, someone has been impersonating their service by cloning the website. This fake site was also advertised as the real one, resulting in fishing users accounts. Later, these stolen accounts were used for illegal activities that were going on within the 911 network.

In addition to that, in summer season 2022, the recharge system of 911 proxies was hacked. Attackers used the API of that system to manipulate account balance in numerous profiles. That emergency to the start of an investigation. However, on July 28th many users started to report about problems with the login process.

At that time, Investigation showed that, service was deeply hacked and already lost a lot of important data.  In the result of all attacks, service became highly damaged and basically unrecoverable, so to prevent further problems 911 proxies were shut down. 

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7 Best Alternatives to 911 Proxy Server

It is worth considering a replacement not only because of the service shut down, but because of some inconvenience in use. 911 proxies only provided you one way of using their service: via the Windows app. It was fairly complicated software that could scare off new users. Most of the 911.re alternatives can work in third-party apps, or inside of a browser. More than this, 911 service was not applicable in case of web scraping projects, because proxy lists were not delivered to work with custom bots. 

The SOCKS5 911 proxies was a residential proxy service, so we will recommend equal alternatives and other best places to buy proxies in that category. But, alternatively, you can find one of the best datacenter proxies solutions in this list too. Most proxies from this list have both HTTP(s) and SOCKS5 protocols available, along with support for datacenter rotating proxy or other kinds.


PrivateProxy can provide you with static residential proxies while keeping the great attention to tech support and overall customer care. IPs available in almost all popular and needed locations. Also, you can choose proxies specifically for your use case, whether it is web scraping, lead generation or sneaker bots. 

Based on your use case, you can buy residential proxies instantly, or apply for a free trial and make sure everything works like you would expect. It is also possible to switch the IPs if proxies fail to work or have other issues. Prices start at $5 per IP per month, including unlimited bandwidth. 

Summary: One of the best residential proxies with outstanding customer support.

Locations: All most demanded locations around the World.

Support: 24/7 qualified live tech support. 

Price: from $5/month for one residential IP. Trial available for most use cases. 

Bright Data (Luminati) 

One of the good alternatives to 911.re proxy can be Bright Data services. The main reasons for this are support of Socks protocol and a big variety of IPs to choose from. Bright Data is trusted by a lot of marketing and research projects around the world. This service IPs can be easily used for collecting information and scraping. 

Bright Data can also provide proprietary software and tools for fairly new users. Those things help, for example, better geo targeting. For corporate clients, there are flexible tools for separating use cases. 

Summary: Proxy with big tools pack and variety of locations. 

Locations: Most major cities and counties around the world.

Support: Live tech support both on call and on chat.

Price: from $15/GB for one residential IP.


Another close to best 911 re alternative can be a Soax proxy service. Soax offers time-based rotating proxies with every 5 minutes rotation. They also got a big choice of IPs from around 100 countries. 

Soax proxies have regular checks for bad IPs, making it a good alternative for 911 if you seek to get a quite clean proxy. In this case, the only problem that can affect your work is speed, compared to other services in this list. Payment starts at $99 for 8GB.

Summary: Corporate sector proxy provider. 

Locations: More than 100 locations around the world.

Support: Chat-based tech support.

Price: from $99 for 8GB. 


Proxyrack can become a 911.re replacement if you want to use proxies in different protocols, including Socks5. This service also provides you with unlimited bandwidth on a big number of IPs. Proxy locations here available in 140 countries with function to use geo targeting. Prices on residential proxies start at $50 for 10 gigabytes.

Summary: Proxy provider with wide IP pool and support for different protocols.

Locations: More than 140 locations around the world.

Support: Chat and live tech support.

Price: from $50 for 10GB.


Froxy can also be a fair 911.re alternative. This service allows you to make close to a hundred concurrent connections. As for the locations, you can choose from more than 200 regions. 

Locations support a deep level of targeting, up to state or city. Froxy can be problematic, because of the only support for rotating proxies. But you can try to overcome this by using sticky ports. The minimum price point to use this service is $60 for a month, with $2 trial available. 

Summary: Proxy provider with wide support for deep geo-targeting.

Locations: More than 200 locations around the world.

Support: Chat and live tech support.

Price: from $60 for 5GB.


Geonode provides a wide support of proxy protocols and allows unlimited bandwidth on all IP lists. One of the things you might like is API integration for projects in different languages, unlike in case with 911.s5. Prices for Geonode proxies start at $50 for a month.

Summary: Proxy provider with support of unlimited bandwidth and API integration.

Locations: More than 140 locations around the world.

Support: Chat and live tech support.

Price: from $50 for 10GB.


GeoSurf is another proxy provider with focus on quality IP lists. You can choose locations from over 190 countries and more than 1000 cities. All these proxies support unlimited bandwidth for wide geo-targeting. However, GeoSurf comes as one of the most expensive providers on the market. Prices for their proxies start at $15 per gigabyte. 

Summary: Proxy provider with support of unlimited bandwidth and geo-targeting.

Locations: More than 190 locations around the world.

Support: Chat and live tech support.

Price: from $15 for 1GB.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is a proxy or proxy server?

    The proxy acts as a bridge and redirects requests from the site and back through itself. The main reason for using proxy lies in the ability to hide your real IP address and browse the web with the one provided by the proxy server.

  • Can I use 911.re now?

    Right now 911.re remains closed. The service suffered a lot of damage from several hacker attacks. This led to a permanent shutdown of all 911.re networks.

  • Why are Socks5 proxy providers closing?

    The reasons vary from case to case, but most often hackers are to blame for the closures. Data breaches caused by hacker attacks can highly affect the provider's network and even make it unusable.

  • Why choose a residential proxy over other ones?

    Using a residential proxy would be a wise choice if you are looking to access geo-restricted information. Also, you can use this type of proxy for overriding web platforms restrictions in certain areas.

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